Planning your baby’s newborn session raises plenty of questions.

When should we plan the session for? How do we prepare? Can we include the dog?

I’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked newborn session questions and their answers so that you can find everything you’re looking for in one convenient place. I will keep adding to and updating this list. If you have newborn session questions that aren’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask!

Without further ado, please enjoy the Newborn Session Questions:


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How early should I start planning my newborn session?

As early as possible! Once you reach your second trimester and are starting to feel better, shoot me an email and we can start planning. It’s better to start early and have your date booked (more on that in a minute!) than to be scrambling to find an available photographer once your sweet newborn is already home with you.

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When should I plan my newborn session for?

A week after your due date. Since newborns don’t always arrive as planned, I keep a light schedule the week before and after your due date. I tentatively book your session for the week after your due date but will update it as soon as I get word that your baby has arrived.

On that note…

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When should we let you know that Baby is here?

As soon as you are feeling up to it! All I need is a quick e-mail or text message saying “Baby is here!” As long as everyone is healthy and feeling well, I’ll get an email off to you in the next 24 hours with available dates for your session.

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What is the ideal age for our newborn session?

When baby is between 5-10 days in order to get those sweet, sleepy, curly poses. If that won’t work for some reason, under 2 weeks is great. That being said, I will never turn down a family for newborn pictures because your newborn is over 2 weeks. Contact me and we can discuss your situation based on your baby’s age
5 days is the minimum for mothers who have chosen to breastfeed. At that poin,t milk production has usually picked up and Baby can go a bit longer between feeding. I also like to wait at least 4 days for formula fed babies as it gives everyone a few days to get home, get settled. This also lets friends and family meet your sweet newborn before I take over for a few hours.

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Lemay BW 1

How should I dress my baby?

I normally encourage that you leave Baby in their birthday suit. They are so perfect as they are! I use a variety of wraps to keep the “essentials” covered and to help keep them warm and cozy during the session. I also have some lovely knit outfits and some diaper covers if you would prefer to have them in a diaper.

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Newborn 2

What about the umbilical cord?

That is up to you! I can do some creative wrapping to cover it up if you don’t want it shown, or we leave it uncovered and have it show in your images.

Can we include special items?

Of course! Did Grandma knit a sweater? Is there a blanket that Dad came home from the hospital in? I love incorporating heirloom items as they help to tell your family’s story. I like to go over any special items and their meanings in your pre-session consult so that I can make sure I don’t miss it in your session.

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Can we include the dog?

Yes! Under the condition that your dog is well trained and does not seem to be exhibiting any aggression towards your baby. Even if your dog is normally perfect, something as stressful as bringing home a new baby can throw them for a loop. That being said, I’ve done plenty of sessions that have included pets and 99% of the time they go perfectly and you end up with gorgeous images of your fur baby with your first baby! I am by no means a dog expert (although I expertly love my 4-legged child Zoe!) so take a peek at this link from Cesar about how to introduce your dog to your newborn.

Harlow 28

Our baby boy is being circumcised. Does this change when we should plan our session for?

Yes! Please plan the session for about 5 days after the procedure. This will allow for your little one to heal up and be feeling better for the session.

Hopefully, that answered some of your newborn session questions! As always, feel free to contact me with any additional questions.

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