Celebrating International Women’s Day | Ebony’s Malibu Session

Today is International Women’s Day and I couldn’t think of any better way to celebrate than to share Ebony’s session with you.


Ebony is an absolute powerhouse an amazing role model.

woman's portraits malibu

She is an active member of the US military, has a gorgeous family, and has created quite a following on her instagram where she posts her daily Gym Talks and workouts. Oh, and have I mentioned that she is probably the sweetest person I’ve ever met? 

I had photographed Ebony and her son Baby G a few years ago and was thrilled when she contacted me for a session just for herself. When I asked her what her goals were for her session and she replied with “To celebrate my journey as me, a wife and a mom.” I instantly had chills.


Celebrate we did!


Woman's portraits

She told me she wanted to do a session on the cliffs near the beach, so my obvious choice of places was Malibu Bluffs Park. It’s a versatile location that gives you fields, cliffs, hills, and canyons.


We walked out to one of the fields and started off easy. Within about 2.1 seconds I knew I was working with a pro! Ebony was able to give me drop dead gorgeous looks with only some simple posing instruction.


Woman's portraits


After we had worked our way through the field we walked down closer to the water. We talked about her work, her family, her tattoo, and her life. She and her sweet friend were just so much fun to be around!


Woman's portraits Woman's portraits



Ebony asked if we could do a “hands up” shot and I said “Heck yes!”


Woman's portraits


I knew she really wanted some images that had more cliffs so we walked a few steps further and found an amazing location that showcased the cliffs, ocean, and gorgeous views of Mailbu.


Woman's portraits Woman's portraits Woman's portraits


Amazing, right?? Throughout the entire session, you could just feel her power and emotion. It truly was inspiring.


We were heading to our second location when I spotted a field that I just had to grab some images in. Luckily Ebony was willing to let me run the show and followed when I said “trust me!” and crashed away into the field. We ended up with this gorgeous shot of her:


Woman's portraits


Next, we went to Malibu Lagoon to grab some sunset images. All I can say for these is…. Wow. I mean, see for yourself.


Woman's portraits

Woman's portraits Woman's portraits


Ebony, Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Your session was inspiring and empowering. I can’t wait for people to see this, and for little girls to look at you and say “I want to be like here when I grow up”. You are a true role model and I am so thrilled and honored that I was able to feature you on International Women’s Day!

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