the new KVP website mockup

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s finally here!


After months of work, unending support from my husband, family, and friends, my coach LauraJessica Gingrich Creative, and a google history a mile long, I am so excited to share the new KVP website with you! It has been a long time coming, has gone through so many variations and finally has landed on this beautiful place that I am so, so proud of! I could tell you the story about the 2 day long logo debacle, or the time (or fifty) I almost threw my computer out the window, or how many hours have been spent on tech support. But I won’t.


Instead, I’m going to show you around this beautiful little virtual home of mine. So grab a drink (I’ve got champagne!) and let’s go for a tour!

the new kvp website celebration


Welcome! Here you will find a gateway to everything at Kate Voda Photography. There’s a bit about me, a way to access everything on the site, some love letters from past clients, and the entry to my blog.


the new KVP website mockup


Want to know more about why I love my job? What I eat for dinner on Tuesday? Where I like to run? Head here for all the info!

the new kvp website about page the new kvp website about page the new kvp website about page




So it seems like we’d get along? Head here to learn a bit more about my packages, the process, and what people like about working with me.

the new kvp website information page the new kvp website information page the new kvp website information page



This is the meat and potatoes of the new KVP site! Here you will find client education, session inspiration, my monthly Spotify playlist, and all sorts of other information and fun.

The new kvp website blog



We’re a match made in heaven? Head here to let me know what type of photography you’re looking for, and when you’d like us to work together.


the new kvp website contact page


And there you have it!

girl with glitter

My new, lovely little home! Please take a look around and let me know in the comments – what is your favorite part of the new KVP website?



the new kvp website mobile mockup



  1. Ashley says:

    You have an overall look that is very appealing, welcoming, and comforting. I can feel that you truly care deeply about each of your clients and their sessions. 🙂

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