Welcome to the sixth post in the Newborn Session Series –  The 8 Best Newborn Photos At Home. Throughout this Newborn Session Series, I will be guiding you through the entire process. From deciding to have your newborn photo session, all the way through what to do with your photos once you have them, we’ll be covering everything you need to know to ensure you end up with beautiful photos you will cherish forever. 

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When I am going to a newborn session, I have a mental checklist that I go through of these 8 must-have newborn photos at home. This checklist ensures that I capture all of the most important relationships and details of your sweet newborn. So what are my top must-have photos? Keep reading to find out, or jump to each one using the table of contents below!

Photographing Mom and Baby during newborn photos at home

There is nothing like the sweet bond between mother and child and these photos are at the top of my list of must-have newborn photos at home. Whether you gave birth to your child, your baby was born via surrogate, or your baby became part of your family through adoption, the bond between you is unmistakable.

One of my favorite photos to take of a mother and her baby is over Mama’s shoulder looking down at her baby. This is the view that Mama has every time she is snuggling or feeding her little one. I remember so many days and nights holding my son just like this and trying to memorize every single detail of his face. I love being able to give mothers this image so that they can always remember what it was like to hold their tiny little baby and gaze down at their sweet face.

Photographing Dad and Baby during newborn photos at home

I absolutely love seeing new dads with their babies – there is this beautiful combination of tenderness and fierce protection. With fathers, I love to capture how tiny their baby is in their hands. All too soon this little one will grow up so being able to have those images that show just how tiny they were is a beautiful reminder. When photographing newborn photos at home, I love to get a variety of images of Dad holding Baby in different ways to highlight how small they are and how much they rely on their dad for love and protection.

Photographing your baby alone during newborn photos at home

Next on my list of must-have newborn photos at home is photographing your baby alone. I love photographing your baby in a variety of poses that show how perfect they are. Using swaddles and blankets helps to keep them safe, warm, and cozy, not to mention it makes them look adorable!

The perfect details of your baby

Your little one is simply perfect and I love capturing all of the tiny details about them they make them so unique. When capturing newborn photos at home, these detail photos always happen after I photographed full body images of your newborn. 

Both parents together with their baby

You brought this beautiful baby into the world together and it is important to photograph you together with your baby. These images will be a testament to your love for each other and your commitment to support each other and your baby.

Siblings with Baby

Capturing those first interactions between siblings is always special. Your children’s lives have radically changed overnight and now have a built-in best friend for life. Making sure we feature siblings during newborn photos at home and document their curiosity and excitement about their new sibling is so important.

Photographing details of the nursery during newborn photos at home

One of the things I love most about newborn photos at home is being able to photograph all of the details you have lovingly selected for your newborn. Whether it is a fully decorated nursery or a cozy corner of your bedroom, you have spent time and effort to make sure it is safe, comfortable, and ready for your baby. Having these details photographed is a beautiful way to remember all of the thought and effort you put into planning and preparing for your baby’s arrival.

Whether you are hiring a professional newborn photographer or doing your own newborn photos at home, keep this list in mind to ensure that you will have all of the most important memories to hold in your hands forever.


Kate Voda is a New Jersey Newborn Photographer specializing in in-home newborn lifestyle photography sessions and lifestyle portrait photography sessions. Kate serves Central New Jersey and the surrounding areas. You can view more of Kate’s work over on Instagram.

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