You started proving everyone wrong from your very first breath. The NICU team told us right before you were born that it was very likely that we would only have a couple of minutes with you before they would need to take you from us and bring you to the ICU for care. But you were so much stronger than they expected – even with multiple holes in your heart – and we got 30 precious minutes together as a new family of 3 before you needed some extra support in the NICU.

You were a champ through 2 different NICUs and 3 weeks in the hospital. You worked as hard as your little heart would let you, and then a little more.

You flew on an airplane at just 2 months old and moved 3,000 miles. You met a new cardiologist at a new hospital and prepped for open heart surgery. You tackled multiple post op complications that kept you in the ICU longer than expected, but you still managed to get home within the 10 days the team had told us.

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You have worked your hardest at PT and have met every goal they have given you, and then added a few extra tricks to your repertoire just for fun. You impress and surprise every medical professional who meets you.

You smile, and giggle, and clap your sweet little hands when you’re happy (which is most of the time). You love to read books and play with your toys and stand up in your crib. You laugh when you feel the wind on your face and when we dance in the kitchen.

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My sweet baby – I hope that you will always be this strong, determined, amazing person. You may have to work harder than most other people but you have never let that stop you. Do life on your terms and in your own time. You have already proven that you are so much stronger and more capable than they expected. Don’t ever let anyone limit you.

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Thank you for teaching me love like I have never known before. For showing me how strong I am. For making me a more understanding and patient person. And for loving me with everything you have.

Happy First birthday my sweet Augie 💕

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