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The sun cast a warm, golden glow setting the stage for a memorable family photography session. The participants? A charming family of four – Mom, Dad, their vivacious daughter, and their soon-to-be 1-year-old son. Their energy and enthusiasm filled the air as we embarked on a journey to create timeless memories in the heart of […]

NJ Family Photographer1

I’m someone who usually finds the morning rush to get out the door incredibly frustrating. More often than not, I find myself annoyed and being short with Augie for taking off his shoes right after I put them on or refusing to let me put on his jacket. That frustration and rush set a negative […]

NJ family photographer 0155

Jill and Jane recently met me at the studio for a motherhood session. Sweet little Jane was 9 months old and loved crawling and scooting all around the studio. It was while she was showing us her skills that we started talking about just how quickly time really does go by. The quote “the days […]

a mother wearing a pink dress and her daughter in a white romper during a studio motherhood session

You started proving everyone wrong from your very first breath. The NICU team told us right before you were born that it was very likely that we would only have a couple of minutes with you before they would need to take you from us and bring you to the ICU for care. But you […]

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It’s the little things about you at this age that I always want to remember. The way you tuck in your bottom lip. The way your hair grows in a mohawk. The way that mohawk falls over like an ocean wave because I can’t bring myself to trim it yet. The way you always find […]

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