I’m someone who usually finds the morning rush to get out the door incredibly frustrating. More often than not, I find myself annoyed and being short with Augie for taking off his shoes right after I put them on or refusing to let me put on his jacket. That frustration and rush set a negative tone for the entire day that I have a hard time shaking.

Yesterday on my way to a session, I was listening to the @themotherhoodanthology podcast episode featuring @lovedaphnemae (you can find it linked here). She spoke about slowing down and taking the time to notice the little things about your children because all too soon they will be grown up.

It really made me stop and think, not only about how I approach my photography but also about how I approach my mornings with Augie. So this morning, instead of being frustrated and rushed, I took the extra time to soak up some snuggles from him and noticed how he always tucks his hands in between us while I hug him. I took the time to sing and dance while getting him dressed and noticed how he giggles hysterically every time he throws his hands out to “shout hooray” while we sing ‘If You’re Happy And You Know It”.

Slowing down and enjoying my time with him instead of rushing as fast as possible really changed my attitude and the tone of the day for the better.

So my challenge to you: at some point this week when you are feeling particularly frustrated take a moment to slow down, catch your breath, and notice something around you might have missed in the rush that makes you feel joy.

A few from sunset cliffs in San Diego, CA looking out over the ocean.

Are you looking for a way to slow down and enjoy intentional time making memories with your family? Connect with me here, and we can begin planning the perfect session that will allow you a chance to spend uninterrupted time soaking in all the perfect little things about your family.

Kate Voda Photography is a Newborn Lifestyle photographer and a Portrait Lifestyle photographer serving New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

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